Monday, May 30, 2011


Kate and Chris had surprised us for my birthday and our anniversary with tickets to the Broadway production, Riverdance Farewell Performance.
The use of lighting/backdrops and silhouetting the dancers was very dramatic.
I actually reeeeally liked the black starlit night side backdrops, with machine fog at the base .....
it reminded me of a dark night at the ocean with the waves rolling in.
Matt Bashford played the moving, mournful, Uilleann Pipes. In contrast,Niamh Ni Charra was fun on the fiddle, "dueling" with Mark Alfred on the Bodhrain, (I enjoyed her on the concertina more though), and the Bodhrain....oh, be still my heart I dearly love the Bodhrain!

We both really enjoyed the humor of the dueling dancing "Trading Taps" between the Tappers and the Irish Step Dancers. it humanly possible for feet to move that fast???
DeWitt Fleming, the lead tapper is soooo good! [All photos fromRiverdance]
Truly a "joyous riot of celebration."
Not a mistepped Irish step anywhere. They are so amazing.
Farewell, Riverdance, Farewell.

So very glad the fever I got that night and still have 3 days later, waited til after "the party."

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kate said...

So glad you guys had a good time. You deserve it! :) xoxo


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