Friday, July 8, 2011


Beer Can Chicken. ( I add garlic and onion powders to the rub and glaze.) This was the first of 4 beer can chickens made this past week. It was for the family reunion, and we loved it. Also made a roasted corn, black bean, mango salad, which I liked allot, but didn't get rave reviews from hubby, or mom. (Family Reunion was pretty quiet this year...Jim and I were among the youngsters there.) This trip over, we got Mom's kitchen and utility room painted and some garage sales in. Dad is such an avid garage sale guy. He gets on ....ummm...kicks.... For a while he brought home at least 1 table saw a week ....for months/years. He would repair them and sell them or donate them to a charity shop. He has acquired more telephones than Ma Bell, and gives them to anyone who needs some. He sought out electric typewriters galore, trying to find the best possible one for Mom. Filling a request for me, started a wave of antique typewriters. He's gotten so many computers, I doubt even he can remember how many at this point. He has several, and has donated beau coup to soooo many people. Then..... laptops....
At one point this weekend, He was sitting in his recliner with his laptop, Mom had one on her lap, Jim was on one Dad gave him,
and mine was on the sofa ....with the dogs. Can we say "Family Intervention?!"

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kate said...

Too funny! And what is dad looking at in the last photo that has him looking terrified? :) haha!!


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