Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wha' Happen?

I blocked out a week on the calendar to work on the craft studio. Monday's schedule was to clear out everything. (This is part of the stuff moved into the guest room) That night as a reward; we were supposed to have a date night, with a picnic and concert. The weather was "blech", and I was beat, so we stayed home and had pizza and a movie. Each day I seem to be getting further behind on this project. Yesterday, I took some time out to clean up the rest of the house, because the maid was on holiday, and it was driving me cuhhraaazy!
Anna called me Monday night and asked me what happened over here...what kind of sweat shop was I running?...... It seems as though the little farmgirl was having a bad evening, acting out and falling apart. She got disciplined, and when she calmed down, they were talking about her behavior... She cried "I had a hard day at work!" Anna asked her, "What did you do?" She replied with a dramatic, shaky, voice; "I had to pick up buttons!" (It was a cup or less, of her own volition...which I'm sure is not going to find me in too much violation of the child labor laws.)
In the meantime, perhaps the reason I'm getting behind is from having to limbo under the crime scene tape, pending investigation.......

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kate said...

Haha!! Love the story. :)


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