Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy Pinterest Birthday, Sarah!

We took a birthday celebration lunch to Sarah's on Saturday. A crisp summer salad.
I made a slightly altered version of a potato casserole, she had pinned on Pinterest.

Another beer can chicken.

Sarah loves salty/sweet treats. She had pinned some buttery popcorn cupcakes which required popcorn flour. I made the flour, and the cupcakes, which TOTALLY flopped. They fell so bad, you could fit a second cupcake inside them. I think it was due to lots of butter, and not enough gluten. So......I pulled out a yellow cake mix, added the leftover 1/4th of the popcorn batter, and adjusted the amount of water, eggs, and less oil (used butter.) This was the result. The topping was a homemade caramel glaze, with a sea salt rim, buttercream frosting that includes some of the caramel glaze, and topped with caramel dipped buttered kettle popcorn. Sarah had pinned a gift card giving presentation that was a Starbucks cup, with brown paper, and white tissue. It was fun surprising her with it.
I'm so proud of how my little girl has grown into such a lovely woman, and wonderful mother to children of her own. She is an easy going, laid back, funny, resilient, creative, talented,wonderful friend.


kate said...

Yes, she IS. And so deserving of those wonderful birthday treats! Those cupcakes look like they belong on cupcake wars! I love it all, and I'm sure she did too. xoxo

Sarah said...

I DID love it! You made my b-day extra special! Thank you so much for all the effort & creativity you put into our afternoon together- I was blessed! Love you. xoxo


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