Saturday, November 13, 2010

Letters to God

We watched this on Netflix Instant last night. It's a Hallmark'ish type movie.

We had seen the previews last Spring when it was showing in the Theatres. With Jim being a former letter carrier, the cancer theme, and God theme...we were intrigued. The actual movie had a more spiritual aspect to it than I had expected, which was good.
Letters to God correlates nicely with the "Believing God" Bible Study I've been doing. It too, has letters to God involved. Sometimes we can get so busy living life, we don't allow enough time for reflecting, or serious praying. This study has forced me to stop and think about some things, no longer just sweeping them under the rug. Prior to the study I was going through a time where I felt like someone had put all of the things bothering me into a mental blender in my head.... turned the switch on, ..... and left the lid off. I was having a difficult time concentrating and praying effectively. This study, (shown in my side-bar) has been a God send to me. Have you done this study? What did you think?

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