Monday, November 8, 2010

Monster Mash at the Birthday Bash

As I've said before, Kate throws great parties. She and Chris graciously hosted a birthday brunch at their house. We all know Jim loves breakfast! When we arrived the kitchen was a flurry of activity, with Chris at the stove stirring scrambled eggs and making just possibly the best country gravy I've ever eaten . Kate was whipping up some yummy biscuits to put it on, and Sarah was putting together 2 lovely fruit platters. There were also doughnut holes and monkey bread from Anna and I.
There were yummy sausage links and perfectly cooked bacon And but of course......GRITS, y'all! Little chefs also got in on the act in the play kichen corner. At Liam's gift time.....I didn't get many pictures, but someone who shall remain nameless brought a gift with silver shred confetti. shame, shame, shame, on her! Liam's party theme this year was Spiderman.

We sure do love our birthday boys! They are both a couple of sweeties!
All of the girls got some good visiting in, the guys watched the U of O game, the kids played and made a movie, (or 2 or 3). They have some kind of software that takes pictures of the kids doing different things and super imposes it into an action movie. They seemed to be mostly chiller thrillers. We all came down to the film room for the academy awards and sneak previews. The last time I saw Liam, the birthday boy......he was driving a police car and being pursued by a giant hairy turantula. When's the last time YOUR birthday was that exciting? : )

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kate said...

It was a good day! And we are truly blessed to have those two birthday boys.


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