Monday, November 8, 2010

Sicky Soup

I've been chillin'. Chills, hammering headache, and sore throat. Jim brought me some Thai Tom Yum when he came back from errands. I've read good reports about the health and immune system boost from this soup. It has enough chili oil kick to warm a person up, and just the right amount of saltiness and sourness. If it doesn't provide enough warmth and sourness, He also got me hot lemonade, and there's plenty of kleenex, cold meds, echinacea, and good ol' netflix movies. Have I told you lately, how much I love this guy?


Sarah said...

Get better, Mama! Love you! xoxo

kate said...

Peee-wwwww. ;) heh heh. I'm glad it hit the spot. Kick that cold to the curb Mama. xoxo


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