Thursday, September 29, 2011

Camping Chronicle 2

Once upon a dandelion, The sleepy couple, woke up from their hiking ordeal the night before. 
They bandaged Hubby's blistered feet, threw their backpack gear into the car, and drove to an actual campground on a hill overlooking the city.  For supper, they fixed their baked potatoes and grilled steaks over a toasty campfire.  After admiring the city lights under the starry sky that night, they took their still tired selves to their cozy little pup tent.  Far into the wee hours of the morning, the neighbors in the next campsite, partied away.  Sleep, for our young couple seemed impossible to be had.  In the morning,  they climbed wearily out of their sleeping bag on the floor of the small tent, the young mother-to-be, stretched, and rubbed her tummy, and aching back.  As she looked at the cute little blue VW van next door, she tried unsucessfully not to be covetous.  It had a nice little refrigerator, and .....a bed......

(Years and years later, she had the fun of riding in one just like it that belonged to her first born daughter, and son-in-law.)

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