Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Flock & Fiber Festival

I love yarn, beginning to end.  Kate and I took all of the kids to the  Flock& Fiber Festival.  They got to pet the angora bunnies,and other woolies.

 I just love these Orenburg Shawls made by ladies in a Russian Coop.  They are as light and soft as a whisper.

She trotted around and made this look like so much fun.  It reminded me of a trotter cart my Dad made for me and my little 1/2 welsh pony when I was a girl.  I was fearful then, now it sounds fun.
 Lately, I have been really identifying with these two little lovelies ......
 Which is why I have an appointment with my "hair dresser" today to get a new cut.
 So I can look lovely like this darling Alpaca diva.....
Or well groomed, like this beautiful, napping, cashmere sweater with legs.

1 comment:

kate said...

Thanks for letting us tag along! Addie has been making this hilarious sheep face ever since, SO funny.


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