Monday, September 26, 2011

There's a Frog on a Log.....

Pollywog Pond on our property is covered in plants.  Last week, we were attempting to begin cleanup by removing some limbs from downed trees. Who knew there were so many?!!  There was no way they were coming out by hand, so we used the pickup and a tow rope to pull them out.  Going back and forth over the pond bank, and fastening the tow rope was the most difficult part.  Jim is on a heart monitor, and after a bit, he was worn out and fatigued so I started doing the fastening part, with him, as the driver. I ended up looking like a swamp creature, covered in thick, gooey, muddy, clay.  At one point, I sunk way deep into a  hole with one leg.  It was hard enough to remove my leg... impossible to retrieve my shoe... it's still there. 
There's a shoe in the bottom of the pond
there's a shoe in the bottom of the pond,
there's a shoe,
there's a shoe,
there's a shoe in the bottom of the pond.  ;-)

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