Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

We went to Mom and Dad's. Dot was there from Salt Lake City. Mom is recovering sooooo well from her latest surgery, 2 weeks ago, now. Such a wonderful answer to prayer! It was a good weekend....Unbelievable....not one picture taken. We did our usual ....laughing....laughing...more laughing. New finds, fun, and flavor. Had a blast sharing Pinterest with Dot, late at night, and just cracking up! After Mom's awesome Dr.'s appt. (don't ya love a good report?), had a good lunch with Mom and Dot at Hola!, munchin' tortilla chips, and Peruvian "Culantro Sauce."

On the way home, Jim and I stopped in Sisters at Bronco Billy's. He had Billy's barbequed ribs and I had an absolutely, yum,yum,yummers "Caballero" burger. It had guacamole and salsa, and was so flavorful.
And then we had one last "Hurrah!" We shared a Marionberry Shortcake, with Three Sisters Vanilla icecream, dessert with each other.. Oh.....My......sooooooo good.

Lightning strikes have started fires everywhere. Am so grateful for Hot Shot crews, and pray for their safety. The terrain is so treacherous in places, I can't even imagine doing their job.

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kate said...

Looks like delicious fun!! And so glad that Nana's surgery went well and that you guys were able to be there for recovery.


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