Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Weekend


After the soccer game and a yummy Mexican lunch at Kate's, we went to go see the woolies.
There were lover-boy Llamas, like Valentino here:

fluffy Angora bunnies, and Alpacas, and more Llamas...
Curly horned Churro rams

Merino's, Shetlands, and Romneys

and cute little Pygoras
This year's festival was much larger and had a lot more attendees than when we went before.
There were people spinning in vendor booths and in clusters all about the lawn.
There were high wheels, uprights, traditional Ashfords like mine, and traveling Lovets.
There were more drop spindles in use than I've seen in the past.
And a girl using a Navaho Spindle. Spinners, in Birki's and barefoot, young and old, male and female.

Producing gorgeous yarns such as these:

There was one vendor with shawls knit in Russia, by women's co-ops. They were the softest most delicate thing I've ever layed my hands on. (I wish I had gotten her card)
On our way home, past views of Mt. Hood,

Hazelnut orchards, berry farms, and hop vines,

We were again intrigued by the sun glinting on the onion domes of the Old Believer churches.

Nestled in among farms and homes. A tiny village, on Bethlehem Rd.

There is restoration work being done on the domes right now.
The fresco on the front is amazing.

There is a picture on Wikipedia that shows the whole building with all of the domes in place.

This morning at our church: Awesome worship service. During the "meet and greet" time, I was observing different brothers and sisters in Christ, and thinking how much I loved them, my heart felt full to overflowing. Then came testimony time. Many testimonies, but one truth ringing in my ears as I write old tune.."And they'll know we are Christians by our love, by our love, Yes, they'll know we are Christians by our love."

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kate said...

Wow, flock and fiber looks like it was a feast for the eyes- love the rainbow of wool skeins. And really love the photo of "Valentino"- what a fitting name! He certainly does have that wooing expression... :)


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