Saturday, September 25, 2010

Catchin' Up

Last weekend we went to my parents. On a little jaunt up the country a bit, I hollered "back up, back up! quietly!" Everyone thought I wanted a picture of this sweet little pair, but I actually hadn't noticed them until after I spoke up. What I wanted a picture of was this little guy....
He was so gentle and patient, and posed so proudly!

We celebrated Octoberfest homestyle.
German Brats/brotchen, and pommes frits

With Apple Strudel for dessert.

We even did the chicken dance.

Earlier this week we had some rainy, fall-like days. I pulled out the cashew, carrot ginger soup I canned. Ashlyn informed me (in case maybe I'd forgotten) that she doesn't "eat baby food anymore" Cracked me up! Evidently Jim doesn't either, because I think I saw him salivating over her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. So I guess I'll be eating it alone next time. It actually tastes just like the commercial one it was copied after, so I'm happy.

Soooooooo, no baby food anymore, and don't call the child labour law people, but I canned apples part of THREE days this week, and she helped me with all of them. What a trooper! I thought she would tire of the idea after just a couple of apples; but she just kept peelin' away! I stuck the apples on the prongs, and took them off. She did all of the cranking, while I was slicing/coring.

I'm working on de-cluttering this place. If there's something we're not using, and I think I can pawn it off on someone really, if someone else can use's going. This little chair was a thrift find about 9 years ago. It had a well worn mahogany finish, and the chair seat needed reupholstered. Last week, Anna and I had been doing some decorating/rearranging "girl time" at her house. I thought if it were brought into this millenium, this little chair would work in her apt. So I painted it black and added foam to the seat with a crisp fabric to give it a fresh new look.

Yesterday, we cleaned out all of our old paints, stains, chemicals, etc. in preparation for the scheduled hazardous waste disposal day next month. We've missed it every year for the past....oh....10 or 20 or so...... It feels so good to have them all weeded out and ready to go!

So that's some of what's been going on around here this past week. What've you been up to?


kate said...

Chair turned out SO CUTE!! Even cuter than I imagine. I bet Anna loved it.

Melissa said...

Oh, the quail. How lucky were you!!

"m" said...

Thanks Kate! She did like it. When she came in, I asked her how she liked "MY" new chair. She said she did, and then after I gave it to her, she admitted having been envious, It was cute.

Melissa: I know! For once it wasn't a little covey crossing the road and me panicking on how not to hit them!


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