Monday, September 6, 2010

To Sir...with Love

The damsel Kate doth surely know how to throw a good birthday banquet. This time in honor of : SIR JOSEPH

Ye Olde Pigs in blankets

Bejeweled Punch

A Rice-Krispy castle complete with fruit leather flag

Rapunzel was there

She demonstrated how to cross a moat in a silver mesh tutu

There were jewels, and court jester noisemakers, and of course :

Matthew the Dragon slayer, finished off said Dragon, after all the little subjects had given it what-for. They gathered 'round and collected the spoils from the battle.

In the midst of the mad scramble; Sir Joseph made sure Rapunzel was taken care of, and made sure she got her bag and candy. Just another reason we love him so much.

He's mischievous, ornery, and loves to rough house.
He's also loving, and cuddly, thoughtful, and kind.

May all of your wishes come true Sir Joseph!


Melissa said...

Absolutely amazing!! The cake is fabulous and all the special details are adorable.

Happy birthday!!

jesslea said...

Kate does throw a good party,
doesn't she? Looks like loads of fun.

kate said...

aww. Mom, thanks for recording things so beautifully. Especially since this damsel tooketh no pictures. Love you.


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