Saturday, September 11, 2010

FAIRE-Y tales Can Come True

It can happen to you...
if you're young at heart....

Once upon a Dandelion, it was a beautiful day in September...... We traveled through the Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire

Castle gates, to another time and place.
There were knights on fine steeds, and jousting tournaments.

There were many interesting "villagers", in Renaissance clothing.
Some in less than others.

This Brave Heart warrior, had his blue face paint on.

This chicken liver photographer took a picture of his back.

and hers

There were lively tunes

and hard working blacksmiths There were merchants and trades persons galore....

And villagers doing their marketing

There were rhythmic drums and dancers
And the cutest little family, who were more than obliging, in posing for their photo. The little girl LOVED posing, and the little guy, didn't mind as long as it didn't interfere with his lunch. Ye olde chicken leg was fine dinner fare.

Meet "Cloud", He was having his fine lunch too.....
of alfalfa. Puts me in the mood for the Flock and Fiber Festival, comin' up.

Our mouths watered at the aromas from the fires and meats,
but we had taken a picnic lunch, so we enjoyed it instead.


kate said...

This looks so fun! And festive- looks like people really get into it, I love that!

Sarah said...

I've wanted to go the last few years but it always sneaks up on me...maybe next year! I think the kids would LOVE it!

"m" said...

The participants and many faire goers do REALLY get into it. Watching the jousting was the most fun for us. It isn't going on the whole time...lasts maybe an hour or so....was a noon show and a 4pm one. The food was spendy. There was some occultish things/people....yuck. There was some archery, a maze, a few other kid oriented things, but TONS of vendor booths kids could care less about. We hadn't ever been, so decided to check it out...probably won't go again. Interesting for a one time adventure.


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