Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Falling Cloudberries, take II

This is a video about Tessa Kiros, and her book Falling Cloudberries. She has done other cookbooks as well, among them Apples for Jam, which is said to be cool too. I don't have the broad variety of cultural backgrounds, from my family, but I identify with her, in memories of a traveled, military life, and so many good, shared meals with friends from around the world. There were afternoons spent learning how to prepare Turkish dolmas with Tasha, Indian puri, chai, jalebi,and aloo matar with Kanta Patel, fried rice and bulgogi with Korean neighbor ladies, Vietnamese lettuce rolls, with Kim Hoa, Mama Barcio's authentic Italian lasagne, ....the list goes on and on. My life has been the richer for all of those meals, times, memories, and friendships. Even when I couldn't speak their language, [at all,] and their English was sometimes limited, we found a commonality in our love of family, good food, prepared as taught by Mothers and Aunties before us, and working side by side in a kitchen.

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