Thursday, September 2, 2010

Craft Studio 101 meets A-D-D

We had an 8 year old with a craft project present from her birthday, we also had a 4 year old who thinks whatever her big sister is doing, is what she should be doing too.
Enter: Project Improvise
I contemplated using the owl pillow pieces as a pattern, but then opted to just make a heart shaped pillow instead.
Using craft felt, we cut out 2 hearts, and punched holes with the tiny paper punch, to stitch around. We used scrap-booking embellishments to stitch on "for pretty." With TWO first time seamstresses, there were many re-threading of needles, and
"do-overs." The Nanni was stretched thin, and some people while waiting their turn, got distracted......
Enter A-D-D:
Exit child.
It's genetic, right? Anyone who has been reading this blog for any length of time, knows I've been working on this craft studio FOR-EVV-ER. And it's not done yet. Sort....Distraction....Move furniture....Distraction....
I have re-arranged the furniture, removed pieces that weren't working, brought in different ones, sorted tons of boxes, sacks and totes, (and there's more where they came from.) But at least, we were able to have a clean work table, and find materials and equipment to work with.
The room needs a new paint job, and I'm struggling big time with a color choice. People have made suggestions, I've tried out different palettes in my far...nothing.
The room is a soft butter yellow now, has a Southern window, it has mostly white and pale pine/birch furnishings. The floor is....uh.....mmm....uh.....
It's an old 60's white solid linoleum with beige chips and gold glitter.
Someone suggested beige walls.....but I feel like I need something a little more inspiring. Looking for something more cheerful. Someone else mentioned pink, which is cheerful, but I'm not much of a pink sort of girl. I do like it as a pop of color in decor accessories, though.
I've perused Martha Stewarts whole new palette of boo-koo colors, and still am drawing a blank.
What do you think? Any ideas for me?

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kate said...

I almost bought that owl pillow kit the other day! It is so cute! I know the guest room is blue, but I keep seeing blue in your craft area... maybe with more grey in it? Is that too dreamy and not an "active" enough color for in there?


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