Saturday, September 25, 2010

Soccer Season

It's that time of year. And we have a new star entering the game. This is our man!
He really did a good job. He made 4 goals! Every time; he would put his arms up in the air. It was so're just going to have to take my word for it, because I got too busy cheering for him, and forgot to take a picture of it....yes....missed it 4 times!

His cheering squad--Sister and "Star Monkey". He was the designated "Star Monkey" person this week. Star Monkey came home from Kindergarten with him and is spending the weekend. There is a journal that accompanies Star Monkey, and photo opps.... Sort of like Travelocities traveling gnome.

There is only one other boy on his team. The rest are girls. During the game some of them were playing patty cake on the field, they were admonished "NO PLAYING PATTY CAKE!"
At one point when the ball was being thrown in from the side right in front of the "fans", One mother was heard saying to her little girl "you can visit with grandpa and grandma at home, after the ball!"
So when the game was over and they had done their hand slapping/"good game, good game" routine..... Some of the parents and coaches thought they would do an arch for the team to run through, like the big hotsie totsie pros and collegiates.

I think it was the kids favorite part of the whole game. If they couldn't play "patty cake".... then they could at least play "London Bridges"!


kate said...

Thanks again for coming guys- Liam was so proud. :) Love you.

"m" said...

It was fun! And He did sooo good!
Love you too!xoxo


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