Sunday, January 24, 2010

Oh, Look!
When our girls were little, the first draw to Patricia Polacco's books was the resemblance of the Grandmother in "THUNDERCAKE" to my own paternal grandma.
I fell in love with her stories, frequency of my beloved nubian goats and other farm animals,

Grandma's, Mommies, and kidlets.....

My 3 little girls:

her earthy colors:


With the Russian/Ukraine colors and pattern influence; I'm calling these my POLACCO socks:

After doing some research and reading about Patricia Polacco, I found that her parents divorced when she was 3 and both her mom and dad moved back in with their parents. She feels her relationships with her grandparents have very much influenced her life and work. Most of her stories show interaction between very small children and elderly persons. It has been a heart warming thing to read, and is an encouraging word at the perfect time.


kate said...

I love your sweet spirit Mama.

and- another beautiful project- where is your ETSY site??
love you.

Dot said...

Your new socks are absolutely gorgeous! Patricia Polacco is unknown to me--probably no occasion to have seen her books but now must check the library.


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