Friday, January 8, 2010

The Truth about Cats and Dogs

Remember that movie from the 90's?

Well the truth it seems; requires some deductive reasoning:

This morning here at home:
Little SISTER: Nanny, Bella has whiskers. DOGS have whiskers?
Nanny: yes, DOGS have whiskers

Little SISTER: And CATS have whiskers?

Nanny: Yes, Birdie and other cats, have whiskers too.
Little SISTER: Well, I must not be a dog or cat, cuz; I don't have whiskers.
(cracks me up.)
It's evident why you always see more food and knitting photos on this site, rather than living breathing, beings. Easier, to get a clear shot, and with much less coaxing! Who ever heard of having to bribe an apple to sit still and look pretty?
Yes, our CAT is named "Birdie"....what would you expect from people that named their DOG "Cricket"? What can I say......He's not Adam, and I'm not Eve.

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