Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's a wrap!

**UPDATE: The caramel apple socks

This was the Urban Outfitters inspiration for the saggy beret.

Dark background makes it difficult to see, but this is the results after the do-over.

And after looking at this picture, am wishing I'd have done a cable version, for more body.

Sarah, think we would wear that yarn out, going for third time's a charm?

I know we're rapidly approaching the 4th day of the New Year, but tomorrow seems sort of like the 1st. Back into normal routines.

I was so glad to get the tree and decorations down the day after Christmas this year, and actually packed away, instead of in piles stuck here and there for weeks on end. That's been a long time issue with me, and it felt good to conquer it.

There's something cathartic about finishing projects and starting the new year with fresh plans and ideas, to carry out. I finally got the carmel apple socks off of the record holder for the longest time on one pair of socks, ever. (Sick of looking at them, truth be told.) And watched all of the episodes of Charles Dickens' "Our Mutual Friend", whilst doing the "DO OVER" on Sarah's beret. Who wants to be going into the new year, knitting last year's Christmas presents? We delivered it to her this afternoon. YAY. I didn't want it to join the ranks with Kate's pajama bottoms from last year, which are still awaiting needed adjustments.

Just wish I were thrilled with it....hate not being....

After delivering the beret, we went in search of Jim's new office chair. The store here in town, was out of the one we wanted, but fortunately Sarah's local one had it in stock. We were glad they did, because the "library" is one of our January projects, and we're anxious to get started on it.

Do you have any special projects for January?


Sarah said...

Sorry you're not happy with the hat but *I* am! ;) Thank you SO much!! Glad Daddy got his chair too..what's on the agenda for the library? xoxo

Dot said...

'Love the hat (and the beautiful model, for that matter!) So, do we get to see the caramel apple socks? The yummy name really peaks the curiousity. Please?

And, your new header is fabulous!

Dot said...

Thanks for the update/photo of the caramel apple socks. They're so pretty and soft looking! The yarn looks very fine as does the pattern, was it tedious knitting?

Love you...


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