Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chicken !

I've been a huge fan of Costco rotiss chickens, for years. Other stores not so much. But a Costco chicken can feed us, almost all week! This time, we had the roasted thighs and drumsticks with steamed broccoli on Thursday. Friday was this Black Bean Soup, using a cup of shredded chicken breast meat. Today, Saturday, the rest is going into enchiladas. When I've taken the meat off, I throw the bones and fat in the plastic covered container the chicken comes in, into the freezer. After there are a couple of them in there, They get pulled out and made into a large pot of the best chicken soup ever. It's got so much more flavor when chicken has been roasted first and not just plopped in a pot to boil from it's raw state.

What's your favorite food to streeeeeeeeeeetch ?


jesslea said...

Ham is also a good food to stretch. First, ham and scalloped potatoes, then leftover ham in an omelet or a quiche and sandwiches and then boil the ham bone for some nice bean soup. Love cooking once and eating twice or more.

"m" said...

Yum Jesslea! Great ideas!


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