Monday, February 14, 2011

Meet Chloe

Little Miss Chloe is exceptionally intelligent. Sometimes she thinks out loud and can seem a bit too forthright. In spite of her occasional lapse in social graces, she is a most loyal and dependable friend, prepared to sacrifice convention and her own comfort for those she cares about.I knit these little bunnies from a ravelry pattern by Barbara Prime, from a Turkish yarn. Their outfits are adaptations of her pattern....I made quite a lot of changes to them. Other than little fortune cookie cat toys, these are the first toys I've ever knit. (I did knit a little purple sweater with a crystal button for my Dad's MAC truck hood ornament when I was in 7th grade) These 2 are for the little twin babies....a boy and a girl....that Kate is expecting.


jesslea said...

m, these are adorable. The twins will love them.

Sarah said...

SO cute!!!

kate said...

HOORAY!! I love them! So sweet. Can't wait to see them in person.


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