Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nanaimo Bars

Valentines dinner was sort of wierd this year....After 3 weeks of crud, I was still sick on the 14th. I managed to fix seafood scampi for Jim, but I wasn't up to eating it....I had a smoothie. I am still dealing with symptoms, but got put on antibiotics yesterday, so am hoping to be much better real soon. Today I fixed Jim a belated Valentine Treat: Nanaimo Bars. They are Soooooo rich.
The first time I had them was when we lived in Europe. Our friend Loma had gotten the recipe from her mom who lived near the Canadian border in Washington state. They're a British Columbian treat.
I'm too lazy to copy the recipe off tonight, so will just provide a link for a recipe for them at Joy of Baking. I do have a few personal hints to add: When you add the beaten egg to the hot chocolate mixture; temper it first by putting a small bit of the hot chocolate mixture into the egg, stir, then add that to the chocolate mixture in the saucepan, (You don't want scrambled egg in your chocolate.) Also use your mixer to incorporate the chocolate mixture with the other ingredients for the crust; you want them very well blended, and mixing with a spoon just doesn't cut it.
Pour a nice tall glass of cold milk. Enjoy! xoxo

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kate said...

your posts always make my mouth water!


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