Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hey Buster!

We've been babysitting Buster. He's a good little guy, very sweet. A certain little girl is "crushin" on him. They run and play chase around the trees in the front yard, and watch TV together.

I overheard her talking very softly to him...."I wish you were MY little dog"

I don't think Buster finds me that easy to cuddle with. I get off of the couch too often, and when I'm sitting there, I always have some sort of needle in my hands....crocheting afghans, knitting socks or bunnies, or embroidering dishtowels. Jim has mentioned several times at how attached Buster has become to HIM. I keep reminding him that when the little pupper's kids come through that door to reclaim him....he's going to be on them like fleas on a hound dog!


Melissa said...

He is totally sweet.

Sarah said...

maybe you guys need a little lap dog of your own! Bella might not like that much though...

kate said...

awww. My lil guy. He sure took to you guys fast! I agree with Sarah, you guys need a Buster!


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