Saturday, February 5, 2011


(Unlike the actor; it's not pronounced den-Zell, but rather Den-zul - rhyming with "pencil")

Jim brought home Ovaltine from the store the other day, for the malted milk cupcakes. That afternoon, We were just kicked back, muddling through our germy colds. I was working at knitting a bunny, and we got to chatting about drinking Ovaltine as kids. Jim started telling a story about his cousin Denzel, who was always getting into some sort of trouble. He got into Aunt Lucille's large jar of Ovaltine one night and ate almost all of it. He got so sick, he ended up barfing most of the night. The one and only Denzel, who got backed over by a Coca-Cola truck while trying to swipe a soda off of it. This same Denzel, who living in the country, decided to show off like in the TV westerns, and jump off the barn loft down onto a saddled horse, doing ummm........great pain to himself.

I was looking for a name for this little bunny.....something to fit his personality. hmmm, .... a energetic, mischievous little boy....Denzel, (who as it happens; grew up to be a very responsible, and nice guy.)


Sarah said...

Cute bunny!!

kate said...

I LOVE this post!! Great story, and such a totally ADORABLE bunny!!


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