Sunday, February 20, 2011


Remember the Caramel Apple Socks ?

Dot had mentioned them a few times, so I sent them to her....along with a pair I knit especially for her. I named them "Crossing the Continental Divide" socks. I watched a mess of "Lost" episodes and got lost in my bamboo and wool jungle.

Here are some of the other socks that I've knit...the ones I've kept.

The ones on the left are the Patricia Polacco socks I started last January and put aside until THIS January. I really liked working with that yarn. I finished them and knit the pink, brown, and pale blue pair next to them "Little House in the Big Woods", while watching old episodes of Alias and 24.
The middle primary colored ones are called"Kindergarten". The ones on the left, I call "Springtime Frolic"
The middle ones; "Glacier"
The ones on the right are my favorites: "Jolly Ranchers".
I first learned how to knit in the 5th grade. A third grade girl taught me on the school bus. (We had a really long bus route!) I started by knitting a square potholder, then slippers. For years all of my family got slippers for Christmas. In 6th grade I knit my first sweater. It was purple, not enough yarn, and was finished with a different dyelot....Yikes, it was bad. If it happened now, I would take out a sleeve and stripe them with another yarn color, or something, but at the time...didn't have a clue. While I was knitting away with regular acrylic worsted, a teenage girl (Jeannie) came to visit Mom one afternoon, and was knitting the most lofty lovely pink mohair cabled sweater. I was smitten, and have never forgotten it. For years, I was intimidated by the thought of doing cables, and ditto...the thought of using 4 tiny double point needles and knitting socks like my upstairs neighbor in Germany. Knitting in the round on circular needles? Too much for me to wrap my little brain around. And then about 7 years or so ago, I picked up knitting slippers again, and am not sure if it was age, maturity, or what, but I knew that I was not content with that any more, and was determined to teach myself how to knit socks, cables and sweaters in the round. There are so many resources available with the "net", and even more now with YouTube, I'm convinced a person can learn whatever their little heart desires. I was knitting so much that the Fam joked about staging an intervention. Now there's been two and a 1/2 pairs of socks and 2 bunnies with outfits since the new year started. It calms me, and makes me feel productive even when I'm sick and not up to doing anything else.
It's comforting to know that God is a knitter too!
Psalm 139:13 (NIV) says "For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother's womb."

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