Monday, February 21, 2011


There have been SO many colorful crocheted stripe afghans in blogland in the last few years. Some wavy, some granny stripe like attic 24's gorgeous version. I've been picking up this Random Stripe Afghan and crocheting a few rows occasionally between knitting projects for several years now. It's just stored in the straw chest in between times. Maybe one of these years it'll be done.
But right now the focus is on another crocheted afghan. I'm working on a version of a Sunshine Day Baby Afghan. These are some of the 80 center motifs needed. They'll all be granny squared out. It's a fun project. When we lived in California, my friend Hope taught me how to crochet simple double crochet, I made a simple baby bunting when I was pregnant with Sarah. During that same time, my friend Linda's little grade-school niece was staying with her for a while and showed me how to do granny squares. That ended up in a few simple projects. I do more knitting than crochet... preferring the look of knits for garments, but I think crochet has a very cheerful and fun spirited vibe to it, don't you?


kate said...

Oooh I can't wait! Looks great so far, love those circles!

Sarah said...

I covet that blanket.
Even in it's unfinished state. that wrong?

"m" said...

WHICH unfinished one? Stripes?
I'll have to teach ya how to crochet...only one needle and very relaxing, good movie watching craft.

Sarah said...

The circles are cute but the stripes have my heart! :)


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