Saturday, July 18, 2009

County Fair, Frugal and Fun

I know I tend to be more sentimental than practical sometimes........oh alright...a lot of the time.
Last week it was the library, this week it's the fairgrounds. There is a lovely new facility that's only a few years old now; but I miss the old ramshackled, tattered one. This just seems like the flavor has been stripped away. There are such fond memories of when Kate was in 4-H in the old one.
There is however;still pie competition:
Too bad I left mine at home!

There was lots of FLUFF this year.........

from chickens.........

to bunnies ....

to alpacas

There was an Elvis impersonator *note the lip....

and Wilbur the runt pig from Charlotte's WEB

There was interaction with Bovine; both real

and not......
There was standing in line for the free pony rides

Which were a huge hit!

loved this expression!

Playing in the corn bin again this year. Even managed to bring home a kernel in the shorts cuff!

Went in ALL of the free inflatable play strucures

If YOU had ONE ride to pick from...which would it be?
(Keeping in mind of course, the ferris wheel was out of commission)

Yay! She made the cut!

And now for a magic carpet ride!

OK, pick ONE treat........

We had a frugal, fun, afternoon.
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Sarah said...

great post. :) Love seeing all the pics...and my beautiful sister...xoxo

kate said...

I love the way your posts are so genuine, and personal. Makes me feel like I was there. Love the cute pics of the girls- Anna looks so chic, even at the fair! :)
And I want some of that pie...

jesslea said...

I wanna be a kid again


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