Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tuesday NOT Morning

After seeing Sherelle's cool water slide, I thought living on a hill just might work to our advantage! I stretched black plastic down the hill and into a pool in the bottom of the pasture, and we attached it at the top, and ran a sprinkler on it. A squirt of dish soap, and Voila!

Unfortunately the thistles I had mowed....poked up through the plastic and scraped Anna's leg.

Another bright idea gone BUST! No more "slip slidin' a-way-a-ay" Well today anyway...may move to the orchard, and try not to play bumpercars with any trees!

THIS however; turned out DELISH! Trying to make good use of Gleaner goodies...lots of lettuce, celery, cukes, tomatoes.....made a yummy buffalo chicken tenders salad for supper


Had gotten out the container of strawberry yo cream and thawed it, and gave it a run through our thrifted icecream maker. (As per Sarah's old Yogurt Shop experience.) The girlies had more than they could even eat!
And to think, I just saw an article the other day on ice cream makers being one of the biggest wastes of money! :)

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Sarah said...

We had strawberry shakes the other night! YUM! The thistle scrape sounds a bit painful!! Eek! You have perfect hills for the concept though!


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