Monday, October 11, 2010

Babushka Matryoshkas


When Kate and I found this fabric at Jo-Anns a couple of years ago, I just loved it. For Christmas that year, I made Josie a pair of pajama pants out of it. They had the dark pink tiny ball fringe on the hem.
Here are my dolls:

I had to kidnap the picture below from Amazon of Matryoska Dolls, because mine were AWOL when I went to take a picture of them. The last time I saw them was earlier today..... a little girl was "admiring" them.

This book looks very sweet, and is about a missing little sister doll, "the size of a bumblebee"


I have always loved these little nesting dolls, and I would love to collect enough to have a set to pass down to each of my little gran-girlies.

We went over to Sarah's this weekend. Had an amazing Martha Stewart triple berry cobbler with enough butter to have made Paula Deen happy, y'all! DEE-lish!

Hmmm, I digressed.....back to the Babushkas....
Sarah, Josie and I went thrift shopping and Sarah and Josie found a 1/2 of a darling little Matryoshka doll. We spent the rest of the time there combing that place for the other 1/2 and her sisters! Never found sad.


kate said...

I love these dolls too! Have had my eye on some nesting matroyshka glasses, they are so cute!

"m" said...

I checked out the glasses, Kate. VERY cute!


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