Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hunting Season

So many people are out tromping the brush, hundreds of miles from home to get that deer, or big ol' elk. These pictures were taken in my parents front yard....sorry limits. They are the neighborhood mascots; going house to house like the Avon lady. We saw our first snow of the season on the way home.
It actually seemed like winter.
But after the summit, we were back into autumn again.
There were heavy fall rains though, and some hearty souls in their rain gear,
had their baskets , and were venturing into the woods to hunt for mushrooms.

Well shucks, they could've found some in OUR front yard.
Don't worry, I'm not out gathering toadstools
and feeding them to my family!
I love mushrooms, and always have wished
I knew more about gathering them in the wild.
But since I don't want to kill anyone with them,
or end up trippin', for now, it's to the market.

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