Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jen vs. Heidi

Praying for my sister Jen, who is gone to Sierra Leone and Liberia for 3 weeks. Praying for marriages there as she ministers to couples, and praying for an abundant rice harvest for the school in Liberia.

Last night, the little girls were here, and we watched a different version of the movie "Heidi". This one starred Jane Seymour, Patricia Neal, and Jason Robard. I thanked my hubby over and over for not having a mustache, as I got thoroughly grossed out by Jason Robard drinking his gruel out of his bowl and wearing that gruel thickly on his mustache. Nasty. It reminded me of not the nasty part...the drinking out of the bowl part.

When we were little girls and I had just been reading "Heidi", Mom was in bed sick, and I was looking after my sisters. I insisted that Jen drink her milk out of her bowl. She was fussing about it, and adamant that no way was she doing that. She wanted her milk in a cup, period. I kept after her about it, and neither one of us would budge. I kept insisting..."But, Heidi did!" Bless Mom's heart, She had to leave her sick bed, and set us straight. Poor Jen, she won the argument, but she missed out on a literary inspired experience. She's making up for it as an adult, traveling around the world and dining in the manner of the local people, whatever that might be. Maybe even milk from a bowl.


Melissa said...

The Heidi episode is adorable...I can imagine my girls doing something like that (I can imagine I might have too).

kate said...

:) I love that story.


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