Sunday, October 31, 2010

Santiam Fall Day

Last weekend the "color" was so pretty up on the pass, we made plans to go get some pictures and do some hiking this weekend. We started out with a leisurely breakfast in Sweet Home, and then made our way up the Santiam.

The rains have taken their toll on the colorful leaves, but I love this damp, mossy,
Where the ferns grow from the mossy trees and rocks.

And the mossy branches shed their fall rain tears.

Where leaf strewn paths beckon you to wander and discover familiar and favorite sights from yet a different view.

And side roads incite dreams of future hikes and fishing expeditions next summer.

Coming home to the most vivid leaves of all, in our own front yard.


kate said...

So gorgeous!! I love, love love fall!

"m" said...

Me too!


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