Wednesday, October 27, 2010

THE Pumpkin Patch

I had to smile as I wrote that, thinking of Melissa; and how she said everyone says "the pumpkin patch", as if theirs is the only one! We have a few "ones"...There's the "costs lots of money one", then the one we liked a lot, where the girls got to help drive the tractor to the patch, and then there's the "go to"one that is closer for us when schedules and time are an issue. It's not real big or fancy, but they do have goats to pet....


The girls love climbing the haystacks.

This particular patch doesn't have homemade doughnuts and cider like the
other patch we like, so we took our own.

" LOOK! It's the perfect pumpkin! "


Melissa said...

I always love photo essays like this one. It is fun no matter which one you go to and this definitely looks like a delicious fall day.

jesslea said...

We made our own pumpkin patch this year. We got about 12 pumpkins. But since I'm not motivated nor do I have the time, I won't be making cups and cups of pumpkin puree but rather the church youth group will be "launching" some of them for a youth night. Sad, really but better than ending up in the compost. I have made pumpkin tarts and pumpkin loaf though:)

"m" said...

Melissa: it was a pretty day this year. Last year we tromped through mud, and had blustery weather. This was nice.

Jesslea: That's cool! When we left the patch in the car,we were talking about growing our own next year. Pumpkin tarts and loaf sound yummy. I made a MS ginger pumpkin loaf yesterday, and pumpkin cheesecake bars last week. Sounds like the youth group will be having a blast!

kate said...

Cute post mom. T's hands remind me so much of Anna's. Love you.

(and you too Jess. :) )


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