Sunday, October 17, 2010

Veggie Tales

Isn't Romanesco intriguing? It reminds me of an under-the-sea creature. I haven't ever eaten it, and I'm still kicking myself for not buying it the other day. Have you ever had it? From what I've read, it's similar to broccoli. We went to Kate's. The plan was to go to the punkin' patch, but little miss "Pretty" (as her Daddy calls her), wasn't feeling well. She took a long nap, and then we ventured down to their favorite produce market so they could each pick out their favorite pumpkin. The produce was amazing. We admired the incrypted acorns....
and they tried to see how many pounds of pumpkin they could take home ... Oh, it's too hebby!

They each spent time picking ... the perfect apples
So they could make caramel apples when we got back home.
Which turned out beautiful ...I don't think it was the sprinkles ...
or ... the chopped nuts.
I think it was the love.

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Melissa said...

I think you are right - it was the love. Adorable photo essay.


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