Sunday, October 3, 2010

Indian Food

When we went to the Shrewsbury Faire last month, we stopped at the Indian Market in Corvallis, and I picked up some special spices. This past week I made this cauliflower with sweet potato dish. I liked it, Jim not so much. I think I would have liked it better with some of the spices ground for flavor, and just a bit of the whole ones for texture and interest. There are several shows on the cooking network that are showing how to prepare Indian foods. I enjoy them, but my favorite instructions are with Manjula. Her style reminds me of being in Kanta Patel's kitchen and watching her mesmerizing, adept cooking skills. She was a vegetarian, but she knew how to prepare curried chicken that was soooo good. Her husband was a vegetarian too, but they raised their kids to eat whatever they wanted. The kids liked hot dogs and mac 'n ' cheese and pizza. One time, Jim and "Patel" and another guy were traveling back from San Antonio to Savannah. They had been on the road a good while and were tired and so hungry they could eat a cow. They stopped at a hamburger joint and ordered their burgers. Anxious to get home,they got it "to go", and they were on the road again. They'd already made it down the road a bit before they opened up the bags of food, and found that though they had ordered burgers with meat in them....they had ALL been prepared the way Patel had ordered his.....everything but the meat. Jim thought it was funny, but the other guy was mad.

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