Thursday, November 5, 2009

Today's Birthday Boy

There are a few people in this world, who actually put other people first. They are able to "be all things to all people". This is not peer pressure or mamby pamby we're talkin' about is the rare quality of being flexible, and sensitive to others.

Today's birthday boy is one of those dear, special persons.

He is a garage sale buddy to my Dad, talks baseball and books, and dances with my Mom.

He wrestles, and plays swords, and light sabers with the grandkids.

He starts out playing soccer with the boys and ends up getting whipped up on by Kate.

She had to fight for it though!

He rides home from the coast with completely drenched pants, from chasing waves with granddaughters.

He weathers soccer games for 1st and 2nd graders, as though it were the pros.

The two on the left share their birthdays within a day of each other. The one in the middle is always good for reading a story, or tag readers, or a harmonica lesson, or giving tiny babies their 1st drink of ice water or cola from his glass.
He always gets the coffee ready the night before, so we can all have a cozy start to our day.
He will go around the block or pull over, even though anxious to get home from a trip, if his passenger exclaims "Oh, that would've made an awesome photo shot!".
He hums and sings while doing dishes.
I'm sorry girls, but I found him first.....and everone who knows him, is VERY glad i did. He is such a blessing to us all.
It's your birthday Sweetheart.....What would YOU like to do?


Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Daddy!! We love you so very much...We'll celebrate officially this weekend! xoxo

kate said...

Love this tribute. You are truly, such a special daddy, papa, man. We love you.


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