Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tea for Twos-day

Several years ago there was a quote in Victoria magazine that stuck with me:
Thank God for Tea! What would the world do without tea?
How did it exist?
I am glad I was not born before tea.
~ Rev. Sydney Smith
(now there is a man after my own heart!)

I mean, Mmmm, love that 1st cup of coffee in the morning, as much as anybody, but I'm a tea drinker from way back. In high school, we didn't have a bunch of chips and soda in the house; but there was ALWAYS saltines and tea. They were my comfort food. (my daughter Kate's too, over her late night homework)

When Jim and I were first married, and lived in Monterey California, I was missing "home" and family. He took me down to Cannery Row, and we bought some bulk peppermint tea. Why that? Because, my Dad was a manager of a peppermint farm in Oregon and always came home from work smelling like mint. The valley
used to be filled with mint farms. I miss them.
I've always enjoyed thrifting, and repurposing things. You know those wooden stands that hold a glass tobacco jar and have places for pipes? I kept my treasured peppermint tea in the jar, and placed teaspoons in the pipe holders, on the counter near the tea kettle.

Recently, found this cozy flannel and couldn't resist getting it to sew into some laze around PJ pants for myself.

I take my tea very seriously. No pinkie finger extended, that would mean dropping my "bigger than Texas" tea cup. No dainty cups.
I love a good stout Irish Breakfast Tea.
If you can see the bottom of the cup...it's not strong enough. and make that 2 spoons on the sugar please. And they can't be too level or too heaping....I'm a bit like Goldilocks that way.

When the fall weather comes, our Georgia crockery Sweet Tea pitcher is put away.
A tall cup of Chai is a late morning or early afternoon treat. It brings back fond memories of Kanta Patel making it for me in her kitchen in Germany. Prior to that day, I had occasionally tried a bit of milk in tea; but found it too watery and weak to suit me. I had never seen anyone steep tea bags in milk on the stove before. It was sweet, rich, and lovely.
It also brings back, dropping in on a fall morning to the "Soda Shoppe", and Kati making me a lovely Soy Pacific Chai, as only she can....the best!
I usually get pot refills on green tea when we go for Chinese or Thai food.
One of the nicest parts of the meal. Jasmine is my favorite.
White tea is lovely too. I just discovered it a couple of years ago. It truly is "smooth". Have you tried it?

When I was pregnant, it was a nightly ritual to have a calming cup of chamomile, or Celestial Seasonings "sleepytime", or Bigelows "sweet dreams". It's a fond memory that I have of relaxing and awaiting each new child.

Often when Dot and I call one another, one of us will say "I've got my cup of tea", and the other says "me too", which usually means we're prepared for a good long relaxing chat. It's a joy we share, and makes us feel closer, even though we're in separate states.

Do you have a favorite tea?

A tea ritual, or memory?


Dot said...

Favorite tea? Thanks to your Christmas pkg several years ago, Taylors of Harrogate "Yorkshire Gold" (a strong black tea) with cream and sugar. Iced, it would be "Constant Comment" with just a touch of sugar, which nicely compliments the orange flavor.

jesslea said...

I've only become a tea drinker in the last couple of years. Marrying into a true English family helped. I recently came across a tea called Buckingham Palace at a teahouse. It is definitely my favourite. It's a black tea with hints of jasmine. Dare I say it's as much of a treat as chocolate. Anyway, love you m.


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