Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend weepies

One of the banquet tables I'll be needing for Thanksgiving dinner was buried under boxes and stacks of family pictures in my studio. A huge mess. I had started sorting them a while back, and got way-layed. The house was kidlet free this weekend, so it seemed a good time to try tackling the picture nightmare again. My sister said it best though, when she thought it might not be the best time emotionally for me to deal with them. I'm just over being sick for weeks, and still quite fatigued.

Sure enough:
Oh, look at these pictures of the girls when they were little at Christmas with their matching red flannel nities and night caps. SNIFF

SNIFF.... Here's one of Molly checking out the turkey Sarah's basting in the oven. SNIFF SNIFF.

Oh look, Kate and Chris' Senior pictures together....her in the j.crew sweater he bought her...that was a fun day....sniff

Awww, Everyone taking turns holding Matthew at the hospital, the day he was born....sniff...sniff...

more births, school pictures, graduations, weddings, holidays....boooooohoooooooooohoooooo.

And i thought the ROOM was a mess.


Sarah said...

awww...poor Mama..Is it heartless to ask if you managed to make a dent in the pile? Are they damaged from the waterworks? ;) xoxo

Dot said...

Dearest M,

We love your sweet sentimental soul!

kate said...

I am exactly like this mom! That's why I have 2 pages completed in my "scrapbook"...


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