Friday, November 27, 2009

Grateful and goin' Green

God has been with us through thick and thin this past year. Like any family, we've had hurdles to clear and puddles to jump in this obstacle course called life. But we can say...we are blessed, and we are grateful. We have much to be thankful for.

This pumpkin pecan cheesecake....not so much.
Couldn't find my old recipe, so got this one off-line.
Not one of my finer culinary moments.
One last try on that fudge recipe, proved futile as well. grrrrr
There was some consolation drowning in a "good do" on spinach dip.
We had traditonal Thanksgiving Fare:
Stuffing with mushrooms
Mashed spuds/ Gravy
Sarah's green beans
Anna-Lisa's sweet taters
Kate's rolls & butter
Sarah's ambrosia salad
cranberry sauce & olives
celery sticks and baby carrots
sparkling cider
hot spiced cider
crackers and spinach dip
No "what are you wearing tomorrow" phone calls,
and we all still ended up wearing green tops and blue jeans.
Even me, though I'm behind the camera.
This was right before going home and everyone was tired,
and not feeling much like photo sessions.
Love my girlies.

Caught up on some birthday boy action, since we were sick and missed his party.

Not many pictures. Busy, and bad lighting. (Am hoping Sarah got a good picture of Josie in that adorable cute...cuz I didn't and I want one)

We had a new Yahtzee score pad that didn't get opened. Kate brought Trivial pursuit pop culture, which didn't get played either. The adults seemed pretty tired and mellow. Mellow was good, because the kids were not. They were energetic, and at times loud, but they entertained themselves and played really well together.

Lots of laughter, and no tears....that's always a good day.


Dot said...

Sounds like a warm and wonderful time. We were there in spirit.

Love you!

Sarah said...

It was lovely though we were a little tired...I loved watching the kids playing together. It's going to get better every year! Thank you for everything AND I keep forgetting to tell you how YUMMY the turkey was this year!!! MMMMMMmmmmmm good.xoxo


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