Monday, November 30, 2009

Cookie Burner

(I think that might have been my Mom's CB "handle" back in the 70's, actually.)
Humming along with "Baby, it's cold outside", we made these little cuties this evening, in preparation for our tree trimming party tomorrow.
They're cooling overnight in the pantry, awaiting their snowy tops. Too bad I can't say they look as good as these.....but our evergreens have a bit of "rust" on their edges. Our oven must run a bit hotter than their test kitchen, because we only went for the 6 minutes. After it was turned down to 350, they did better. I just now happened to think; I didn't use my airbakes either...doh.
(Photo: Betty Crocker)
We found my missing silpat today. I'm over-joyed! It's been MIA for a couple of months,I love that thing, and was baffled as to where it could be. It had fallen down behind the drawers in the baking center. I had already checked and re-checked the backs of adjoining drawers, to see if it was stuck in between them. Today, when we pulled the pots and pans drawer completely out of the bottom of the cabinet....there it was....
(hmmm, along with the egg separator Anna was just asking about the other day.) I had been bummed, because silpats are too spendy for me, to just replace. So glad, it's safe and sound, and just in time for all of the holiday baking. Hallelujah!
We had a busy day with routine Dr's. appt, some [successful, yay!] shopping and errands, more gift wrapping, etc. I'm feeling pretty happy with how things are going so far.
How are you doing?
Are you looking forward to Christmas?

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