Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Name that Tune

clue #1


Did you get it?

Tonight we were "rockin' around the Christmas Tree" to the song.
The girlies really got into it!

Some decorating of the tree did get accomplished too.

Victoria specifically wore her hot cocoa nightshirt.

Because, then it was cocoa and cookie time.

It was a nice ending to a good day.


Tamera said...

what a perfect way to spend an evening! That hot cocoa looks especially good:)
Happy holidays!

kate said...

Looks so cozy and fun! We're doing ours on Sunday and I can't wait! Thanks for instilling in us a sense of tradition around these things...decorating the tree always means music, cookies and a yummy hot drink to me, because it always did growing up. I love that, and I hope my kids celebrate in the same way!


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