Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Today is going to be an errand day. I and every other person on the planet.
There are celebration meal groceries and a few stocking stuffers to buy, presents to deliver to family and friends, and a short stop at the library.

I need to return this book, which I enjoyed.
It's about 3 Swedish sisters coming to America. It was pretty predictable and at times, repetitious, but a relaxing, clean read.

Our Christmas always has a sort of Swedish woodland feel to it.
The pom pom garland used to stand alone, but got some embellished help this year with a bottlebrush garland. Some of the poms are a bit bedraggled, some little girls thought it made a cool jump-rope.

Instead of plain pillar candles in these hurricanes, I put prayer candles, cedar greens, and beaded berries.

Dot has often blessed us with decorations. Like this cute little jewel. I hadn't even told her I liked these little paper houses. Sarah has a little church I've often admired.

This our Christmas Angel. Dot.

The cute stockings she sent last year....

Well, I better get going here.
After errands, I need to get back home again, home again, jiggety-jig .
Everyone had been out of the yarn I needed,
Finally found some the other night, so the race is on....
I've got a scarf to get done for a Christmas gift.

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