Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bella's Story

An afternoon siesta, to recuperate from exploring, and lots of kiddo attention:

Thank you everyone, for your kind comments, welcoming Bella.
Bella was named by a caring, loving, "mom", who due to a change in her financial and living situation, was forced to let Bella go. She was a young woman, and had to return to her parents home, where there was unfortunately no room for another dog.
Bella is two years old, and "potty-trained". She is very loving, and already shown signs of being a good protective, watch-dog. She doesn't seem inclined to bother the chickens, though she is interested in their scraps, and seems to feel a bit left out in that department. She could care less about the cats. Brandon; the girls cat, was less accepting and tried to take a swat at Bella, catching my leg in his nasty little clutches, instead.
When we brought her home last night, I took her behind the barn to go potty. Unbeknownst to me, our "resident" doe and her 2 babies were back there. Bella took off after them, about dislocating my arm with the leash in the process! She is very curious about all of the new sights and smells and sounds of her new home.
She does not respond well to any commands. "Supposedly" she knew sit, come, stay....but it doesn't seem so. I think she received much more love than training, but she's smart and sweet, and with a little work, I think she will be a great fit, with us.


kate said...

even the corners of her mouth remind me of Molly.

"m" said...

Isn't it something?!


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