Sunday, December 20, 2009


I couldn't help but notice the one little lamb.....attention elsewhere.....unaware of all that God was doing in it's midst.

I love the serene feeling Kate strives for, in her home.

Joe was ever present. Talking, teasing, hugging, cuddling, drawing and being "hungry".
Love that little guy.

Tink's tutu

We wondered what she was up to.....
very quiet....
We found her in the boy's room
doing one of the things she loves best.

She loves girlie stuff,
and is so cute in her little bracelet she wears all the time,
from her great grandma Lorraine.

This was the project du jour.
We just got frames in place.
Can't wait to see it all filled with their smiling little faces!
(All i can do to not jump into my computer and do some "picture straightening"....
so OCD that way)

No pictures of Liam this time.....he was keeping a low profile, watching Ninja with Papa.
Loved spending time with 'em.

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