Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bleak House

This past Saturday we were housebound with freezing rains making the roads too hazardous to travel. We even received a phone call from the county admonishing people to stay off of the roads. The girls were all gone, and Jim was engrossed in his music list on his computer, so I took advantage of the quiet and empty house and watched "Bleak House". It was wonderful.
Cold and nasty outside, huddled under a faux fur/velveteen throw on the sofa, sipping hot English tea, a bite of fruit cake, my knitting, and a Charles Dickens series. How great is that?!
The bad part was, I got to the last episode....and it wouldn't play....Waaaaaaaa...wha happened?

The next day, the weather was better and we ventured out to dinner with Bob and Sarah and the Kiddos, and went to the Kiddos program....a different spin-off of Dickens' "Christmas Carol", at their church. The kids did such a good job and we really enjoyed it. (Thanks you guys!)

Today......I gotta tell ya....Mrs. Cratchit's plum pudding, had some heavy competition in the yummy department. We had some "Outdoor Buns" leftover from making sloppy joes on Monday. They were a bit dry, so decided to make them into a bread pudding. Buttered a 8x8 pan, tore a couple of the buns into pieces, whipped some 1/2 & 1/2, cream, eggs, sugar, and nutmeg up and poured over, topped with some pecans swiped off and out of a store pie we didn't like, and baked. Made a yummy vanilla sauce to serve with..... y u m.
Jim doesn't even like bread pudding, and he wanted seconds.

Nothing bleak about that. (Except cholesterol #'s)

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