Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Our newest family member:
Miss Bella Dandelion
Those of you that have been reading this little blog from the beginning, know that we experienced the tragic loss of our little border collie Mac, this summer. We have missed having a dog and the girls talk about him, a lot. Today, we found a border collie in need of a home, and we are happy she is content to make ours.....hers.
**To family members.....does she remind you of anyone?


Sarah said...

oh my goodness! She looks like she could be Molly's twin! So happy for you guys! xoxo

kate said...

wow...that is an amazing resemblance!! Very cool- does she have Molly's temperament also? Don't know if anyone could get that lucky twice, but I hope so. What is her story? love you!!

jesslea said...

congrats on the newest member! What a sweet dog and name!

"m" said...



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