Thursday, December 3, 2009


Seems peaceful enough....
You would never guess there is a civil war about to take place! I don't know if people are talking about it in your part of the world; but it's a hot topic of conversation around these parts!

Oregon State University and the University of Oregon are dukin' it out tonight.
The winner goes to the Rose Bowl.

Jim's Hat

Tonight's pre-game dinner will be:

Goal Post
Beaver Dam Meatloaf
Oregon State Halfback Spuds
Oregon Duck Green beans
Feed the Ducks salad greens

GO BEAVS!........I Mean GO DUCKS.....

er, it's official.....
I'm like Victoria said....

"A Platypus."

{ in an orange and black shirt :) }

1 comment:

kate said...

SOunds fun- it was a good game, guess Dad was prett pleased with the outcome. :) and you... say quack.


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