Sunday, December 20, 2009

Birthday Countdown......

You might have thought we lived near the Cape or had an advent calendar going, with all of the counting down that's been happening around here this month. But nope....just a little girl's birthday. Remember that anticipation you had as a child for that one day of the year that was your special day alone?

She had noted the big top 'cupcake' pan on TV, and thought they were cool, but I wondered how many of them would we ever want? Like after one, it would be "been there, done that". So cheapskate that I am, did an improvisation. Used an old scalloped edge tube pan to bake the bottom part, and a bowl for the top. Unfortunately, I frosted over the scallops, until you couldn't see them, so piped lines. Should have used that flat tip with the saw teeth on one side, all the way around or combed it instead, but oh well, she loved it. Yes it has 9 candles in the picture above and eight in the one below. The top one was "one to grow on"....but was afraid in years to come, we would look at pictures and wonder why she had two 9 yr. birthdays
and no #8. genius that I am.....there is one that doesn't show up, so it looks like it was birthday #7!

There was actually a time today, when she pointed her button out to me that it was her birthday, like MAYBE I hadn't seen it. :)

May all of your best wishes come true.

GiRL !

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twinsouls888 said...

Very pretty girl , very yummy cake :)


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